Mental Vacation…

A Reminder To Myself…

Days, weeks, months awaiting a much-needed little break for our family. Time, together, as a family, away from routine, schedules, and time pressures.

And wonderful it was…no need to be anywhere. Space to be, space to play, space to be still, space to slow down.

We stayed in a beautiful house, on property, with minimal phone service. Simple and paired back. Our idea of paradise. The kids played, outside, chasing animals and doing what kids do best.

farm field

It felt great. It also had been wondering (as my mind often does…). We aren’t being pampered, we aren’t having fancy dinners out, we aren’t in a luxury hotel on some tropical island having massage after massage and sipping on cocktails…so what feels so different…

I mean, the funny thing is, the kids needs are the same (if not more, being in a new place), the washing, cooking and general tidying and cleaning still needed to be done. So I was left wondering, what was it that felt so different???

Yes there was no work, no school, no schedules…and yes being in a new place is refreshing but surely it was about more than this.

And for me it was this, permission, to myself, to let go. Let go of urgency, let go of expectation and let go of pressure on self.


Mama Being Frank…the results were the same, without the added anxiety, and without the added stress. The kids were fed and clean. The house stayed tidy and clean. The washing was done…eventually. And all the rest, happened. The only thing that didn’t arise, was the mental clutter of it all…the mental load of what next, what next, what next.

So, this is a reminder to me, to give myself permission, when I need it. Kind of like giving myself a mini vacation. To breathe deep through the mental exhaustion of ‘what if’ ‘I should’ and ‘should have’. To make an intentional stance to slow down, when my mind is telling me to move faster.

tired mum

And if not for me, than for my family. Because the roll on effects are pretty wonderful. Children are so sensitive to pressure and expectation, just as we are. To allow them the space to freely be, who they are, through unstructured, play, is amazing. Their imagination sparks, their attention and engagement is enhanced, and their emotional resilience is nurtured.

purple heart

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