I Got It From My Mama…

I got it from my Mama,


Last week, during a therapeutic group program, one of the exercises we did was one of reflection…it was the first session of five for a group of parents wanting to discover a new lense for the way in which they parent. The activity was used to identify and explore what kind of parent, our clients hope and aspire to be.


We asked them to think about….when their children (who are currently young) reach early adulthood, how would they want to be described as a parent. E.g. if we interviewed your child in their twenties, and asked them the question ‘what was your mum like?’ ‘how would you describe you mum?’…what would they say…or what would you hope them to say…


How would you hope they respond…what kinds of qualities do you hope they use to describe you as a mum, as a person.


drawing 2


I found myself reflecting on this myself.


In the demands of every day parenting life, moments for reflection are few and far between. Which is a shame because reflection can remind us and reconnect us with where we are and where we want to be. And these things are the anchor to everyday storms we often face as parents. In this moment…who do I want to be, how do I want my children to see me?


Do we always measure up?? Probably not… But if we are reminded of the parent we hope to be…then surely this gets us closer.


Caring, fun, available, loving, committed, patient, kind, passionate, determined, honest, selfless, hard working, creative, affectionate, brave, clever…


So my wish for you this mothers day is to ask yourself, how do I want my children to describe me? What values and qualities do I want to instill in my children?


Maybe tag your own mum, and fulfill this in reality for her.


i got it from my mama


And then give yourself a giant hug, for showing up, for loving, for caring, each and every day.




Mama Be Frank