Mama Be Frank

Blogging?!?!…….who would have thought that becoming a Mama would have led me down a path of building on my social media skills!!!   As a Mama of an affectionate, mischievous 1 year old baby girl, step Mama of a handsome and witty 9 year old boy, and Mama to be of a little 15 week old precious peanut….surely I’ve got enough going on right?!?!

Truth is, I was given a wonderful opportunity to write an article for a wonderful Magazine…..WONDERFUL MAMA!!!! This opportunity was hard to refuse as it gave me the opportunity to combine my two passions…being a mum to my beautiful children and being a psychologist to many amazing to be, new and second/third/fourth time parents and their kiddies!

This one article has led me to explore other ways I can share my experiences and my truths……..

You might be asking the question…how on earth do those two universe’s (motherhood and psychology) combine to create one passion…..and what does that even look like?!?

Here is my first frank truth….I thought (without thinking) that as a professional who was trained and practiced in the areas of emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and early parenthood and parenting…that I would have this stuff sorted as I entered into the journey of motherhood!! But the truth is I was far from realizing what it meant to actually live out some of the things that I encouraged my clients to be mindful of and to try.

And that’s where my passion is…. being real, being honest, being FRANK, as a MAMA to other MAMAS and Dads, and as a professional… sharing my experiences and my knowledge, in hope that they may help other MAMA’s, MAMA to be’s and fathers……in some way.

So I hope you find comfort, reassurance, inspiration or amusement from some of my truths, experiences, knowledge and stories.


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